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The Black Gate

A place of the arts in Galway City. The Black Gate is many things. A music venue, a bar, a creative office space and a recording studio all under one roof.

The Black Gate

Back Story

The Black Gate is my rather large side project I set up a few years ago with my best friend Peadar King. We both grew up surrounded by music and we were always scheming to do some project around the arts. This is it 🎵.

Teepee or Not Tee Pee?

1. Brand Design

The Black Gate is a cultural hub in Galway City. The logo evolved to include the Black Gate, a place we used to meet before school each morning, and a piano which represents the arts. A meeting place of sorts.

Blac Gate Logo

2. Photography

When taking photos of the space I try to create a sense of warmth and cosiness. I want it to feel like a place you would like to go to relax and listen to some music or enjoy a chat with friends.

Black Gate Photos

3. Illustration

The illustration style here is quite minimal. I wanted to give a sense of a distorted moon coming up from behind the building to reinforce the sense of cosiness inside.

Black Gate Brochure

4. Website

The website is a work in progress and is not yet live. I have been playing with new font combinations to try and evolve the brand.

Black Gate Website

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